AT&T to terminate its service for several customer over copyright violations

Joanna Estrada
November 9, 2018

According to Fortune the company has had a policy in place in which customers who violate copyright are removed from their services. Dish, on the other hand, had claimed that AT&T was dragging its feet over an agreement in order to poach the company's pay TV customers for its own DirecTV competitor.

An AT&T spokesperson says the company only acts after receiving complaints by copyright owners. AT&T then identified which customers were allegedly pirating content and is now moving to remove them from its network.

After its purchase of Time Warner for $85 billion and the release of its piracy policy, AT&T is taking steps to punish customers who are illegally pirating copyrighted content. Assuming the services are terminated, this would mark the first time AT&T has cut off customers accused of chronic piracy. "Based on the notices we received, we identified the customer on the account and share with them the information we received". We also reached out to the customer to educate them about copyright infringement and offer assistance to help prevent the activity from continuing. More than a dozen customers will reportedly be notified of the service banhammer in coming days. I suppose if the company has notified them nine times already, they've done their part.

AT&T is about to crackdown on repeat pirates and the result will leave some scrambling for a new provider.

What do you think of AT&T's position here? Users who use big amounts of bandwidth dedicated to piracy will be mostly targeted, and they will have to ignore around nine warnings.

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