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Marco Green
November 8, 2018

AA fuel spokesman Luke Bosdet said: "With 4p knocked off the wholesale price of a litre of petrol through October, the AA has watched with dismay as average pump prices have trickled down by barely a penny".

RAC fuel spokesperson Simon Williams said: "Every motorist driving a petrol auto should feel aggrieved that the price of a litre stayed the same in October when it should have fallen by more than 3p".

Asda said the 2p price cut would now mean customers would never pay more than 122.7p per litre for petrol and 134.7 for diesel.

Asda's senior fuel buyer, Dave Tyrer, said: "Further decreases in the wholesale market mean we are able to reduce our prices again, seeing our unleaded price dropped by up to 5ppl in just under two weeks".

Only the price of unleaded petrol is being reduced as part of the price cuts - supermarkets haven't announced plans to lower the cost of diesel, however the RAC says falling oil prices should see reductions in diesel prices too.

The cuts have been welcomed by industry observers.

FOUR SUPERMARKET chains in the United Kingdom have confirmed they'll be cutting petrol prices following recent drops in wholesale oil values.

Ashley Myers at Morrisons added: "We're passing on savings from falling wholesale costs and keeping our fuel prices far below the United Kingdom average".

The RAC described the supermarket price drop as "excellent news", but insisted it is "long overdue" as fuel retailers have "not played fair with drivers in a falling wholesale market".

He added: "We badly need a case of "follow the leader" now and for big retailers to actually have the often-talked-about "pump price war" as that would rightly benefit consumers".

"There is also better news on the horizon for diesel drivers. While diesel has risen substantially to an average of 136.79ppl, and unfortunately still appears to be going up, it should now begin to reduce as the wholesale price has started to fall".

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