Arkansas Voters Approve Minimum Wage Increase

Marco Green
Ноября 8, 2018

The Associated Press is projecting that Missouri voters have approved a statewide proposition that will increase the state's minimum wage.

The current minimum wage in Missouri is $7.85 an hour. Voters in 2014 approved a plan to gradually raise the state's previous minimum wage from $6.25 an hour.

There was no organized opposition to the measure, although lawmakers could still alter state statutes to roll the increase back.

The Missouri vote is notable partly because the minimum wage was at the center of a high-profile battle a year ago. After that, it would rise or fall each year according to an inflation index.

The proposition passed Tuesday was put on the ballot by a group called Raise Up Missouri, which received around $5 million in contributions, much of which came from labor unions and nonprofits.

Because the federal minimum wage doesn't appear likely to receive a boost under the Trump administration, state and municipal lawmakers are enacting local laws to push up the baseline pay rate.

Some cities in Missouri have tried to raise the minimum wage on their own, only to be stymied by Republicans in the state Capitol. The measure picked up the support of prominent Democrats in the state, including Sen. In 20017, annual wages for top earners rose 3.7 percent, but the bottom 90 percent of workers saw wage gains of 1 percent, EPI found. The state Senate in Louisiana previously voted down a bill that would have increased the state's minimum wage to $8 in 2019 and then $8.50 in 2020. "It's time for a modest increase in LA!"

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