The biggest threat to Trump winning a second term

Marco Green
November 7, 2018

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But if they don't win a House majority or if they do but lose a fair number of seats in the Senate, their failure to recapture the Obama-Trump voter will be a big reason why. Half of Kentucky closes at 6 p.m. ET, and that includes the key race in the 6th Congressional District. But now the Democrats are harnessing military patriotism too.

On the Senate side, Indiana Democrat Joe Donnelly's fate will likely be critical to Senate control.

He noted that Republicans now hold 33 governorships, compared to 17 for the Democrats.

- Access to abortion and abortion funding is on the ballot in three states.

Trump is stressing Senate contests like Indiana's after sending signals that maintaining the House may be out of reach.

Republicans enjoy a slim 51-49 edge in the Senate and are favored to hang on to their majority since Democrats are defending 26 seats on Tuesday and the Republicans only nine.

In Ohio, Democratic Sen.

Here comes the first big wave of races - nearly 30 competitive House races, five competitive Senate races and seven big ones for governor. He's been spending a lot of time in New Hampshire.

- Minimum wage increases are on the ballot in two states.

For Democrats, the road to the 218-seat majority ran through two dozen suburban districts Hillary Clinton won in 2016 and through swaths of Trump country in the Rust Belt and heartland where voters backed the president.

Republicans were also being challenged outside Norfolk, where Rep. Scott Taylor faced Elaine Luria in the GOP stronghold.

Should Democrats re-take the House, there are signs some in the conference may launch a push to impeach the president - though the leadership has not yet backed the effort. He's running for Senate against the Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson. At the same time, Republican governors in Maryland and MA - traditionally blue states - look poised for easy re-election victories. Like other Democrats across the country, Spanberger emphasized protecting people with pre-existing conditions from being denied coverage or charged more by insurers. Fox News personality Sean Hannity and conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh will also be appearing at the Missouri rally, Trump's re-election campaign announced Sunday. This came down to a marginal polling error in a handful of states that are key to winning the electoral college - Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. 'The first issue is they would have to win the House, which they haven't done yet, ' he told the New York Times. Democrats are likely to flip the governor's mansion in MI, and are hoping to finally oust Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, but that race is another true toss-up.

But the first thing to remember is that while Trump's ascent to the presidency in 2016 was certainly a surprise, the polls were not, in fact, wildly inaccurate.

Sanders offered a less restrained version of progressivism, which resonated with millions of Democratic voters.

Georgia - Many will also be watching the race for governor in the southern state of Georgia. Trump had been tweeting support for specific GOP candidates, even as he acknowledged potential losses by emphasizing that his focus was on the Senate.

The first polls were closing across parts of Kentucky and IN at 6 p.m. EST.

This will likely be the earliest that the House will be called.

"Democrats want to control everything and everyone". That had always been a GOP stronghold that flipped to Clinton in 2016.

Of the 35 seats up for grabs, 26 are held by Democrats and nine by Republicans. The Tea Party movement grew as a response to that, propelling Republicans to a crushing victory in the midterms that year. Herrera Beutler is one of only three GOP Hispanic women in Congress.

Limbaugh said he was assuming the massive early voting turnout would indicate huge crowds of voters on Tuesday. The main Republican superPAC started spending to help shore him up.

Trump, however, has seized this allegedly unconnected-to-the-elections caravan in his inimitable style.

Historically, though, Republicans are more reliable voters in midterm elections.

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