Niantic Reboots Ingress Mobile Game; Now Known As Ingress Prime

Joanna Estrada
November 7, 2018

Before the company shot to fame with its recent mobile sensation, it was focused on its own augmented reality game Ingress.

If this all sounds very Pokémon Go, that's because it's built off the same technology as Niantic's smash hit pocket monster collectathon. With GO now almost two-and-a-half years into its lifespan, Niantic has been able to return some of its focus to its own IP. The new visually overhauled game has been launched on Android and iOS, and is being called Ingress Prime by Niantic.

Pokemon GO will also feature a celebratory in-game event where shiny green Cubone and blue Ponyta will be available for capture.

Ingress Prime is now out on Android and iOS and it serves as a new "season" of Ingress, so to speak. According to Eurogamer, one feature that would be appreciated is the new prestige system. If you're not familiar with the "plot" of the game, it revolves around two factions - the Resistance or the Enlightened - that players join and fight for.

Niantic has reiterated time and time again, it's able to apply its learnings from one game to another.

For those who already play the game, Ingress Prime will now allow players to "Recurse, ' resetting Agent level and faction choice while retaining all badges and gaining a new badge to denote their status".

Described by the Pokémon Go creator as a follow-up to its first location-based title, this "new" game is actually a reboot which replaces the original Ingress game on the Play Store via an update.

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