NASA posts image of crashed ‘flying saucer from outer space’

James Marshall
November 7, 2018

Last Sunday, November 4, on the official website of the American national space Agency took a picture with the caption: "Flying saucer" from outer space crashed in the Utah desert after its spotted by radar and shot down a military helicopter.

It turns out that sensational frame shows the capsule of the spacecraft "Genesis", which was launched on 8 August 2001 to study the Sun.

Then NASA officials explain: "there are No space aliens here are not involved".

However, as is visible in the photo, the return leg of the mission did not go quite as planned, as the craft's parachutes failed to deploy, making for a rather hard, 300kph landing. The capsule's parachute failed to open, causing it to crash in a Utah desert back in 2004.

NASA added: "Despite the crash landing, many return samples remained in good enough condition to analyse".

"The materials we used in the Genesis collector arrays had to be physically strong enough to be launched without breaking; retain the sample while being heated by the Sun during collection; and be pure enough that we could analyze the solar wind elements after Earth-return", project scientist Amy Jurewicz explained on September 3, 2004.

The first instalment of the mission was a success with Genesis collecting valuable data on the sun, solar particles and Earth's magnetic field.

The space agency says these results preserved from the Genesis have helped provide new details behind how the sun and the planets of our solar system originally formed.

The ship was created to study the Sun and was launched almost two decades ago in 2001.

"We can expect more work on both solar, cosmochemical, and planetary science in the future", NASA added.

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