Report says people are safe — Cellphones and cancer

Henrietta Strickland
November 4, 2018

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The federal government's National Toxicology Program released its final report Thursday on whether cellphones cause cancer.

This may be because the male rats exposed to radiation were less likely to develop chronic kidney problems, which are a common cause of death among older rats, the researchers said. The findings are unlikely to satisfy many people.

Does the usage of cell phones cause brain cancer? There is "some evidence" of brain cancer.

Experts say it is not unusual for cancer patterns to vary between sexes in people and animals, including the study's mice and rats.

"If scientists can better understand biological changes in animals, they will know more about what to look for in humans", the NTP said in its fact sheet on the study.

The NTP team did not expose the rats to the 4G frequencies now in common use. In general, Bucher said, they advised the NTP to strengthen its confidence in what was found.

Others said the latest findings do little to strengthen evidence surrounding RFR.

We studied the effects of almost lifetime exposures to two different types, or modulations, of RFR (GSM and CDMA) used in cellular telephone networks in the United States in male and female rats and mice to identify potential toxicity or cancer-related hazards.

Interestingly, the researchers found that the male mice that were exposed to cellphone radiation actually lived longer than those that were not exposed.

It's still not clear why either thing might happen.

To be fair to the study though the New York Times is an unofficial press office for one of the largest suppliers of mobile phones - Apple. And mice were not as strongly affected as rats seemed to be.

"From what we now understand, it likely differs dramatically from what we studied".

However, those thinking this is about to blow the lid on the mobile phone industry will need to think again, as the researchers stressed that "exposures used in the studies can not be compared directly to the exposure that humans experience when using a cell phone".

"By contrast, people are mostly exposed in specific local tissues close to where they hold the phone", Bucher added.

Moreover, he said, "exposure levels and durations in our studies were greater than what people experience".

While the FDA says that the smart and cell phones we spend hours with every day pass its muster, some experts warn the FCC should take pause before the auction day in light of the NTP's final report.

The Food and Drug Administration, which monitors radiation-emitting devices, said it agreed the findings shouldn't be applied to human cellphone use.

He said the data from the study was confusing and contradictory. As scientists often say, more study is needed.

"The US IEEE-FCC human safety guidelines for wireless radiation which only protect against thermal heating or burning were scientifically false decades ago".

"The study also found that about 5-7 per cent of the male rats exposed to the highest level of radiation developed certain heart tumours, called schwannomas, compared to none in the control group", the NYT reports.

The American Cancer Society, which tracks the incidence of cancer, has noted that there has not been a noticeable increase in cancer types that might be associated with cellphone use. We believe the existing safety limits for cell phones remain acceptable for protecting the public health'.

The debate on the potentially negative effects of cellphone radiation continues as more and more members of the public are using cellphones.

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