Pirelli reveals colour range for 2019 tyres

Ruben Hill
October 23, 2018

Pirelli now has a range of seven compounds, each with their own name and coloured sidewall, from which three are taken to each Grand Prix.

Pirelli's method of choosing three of the seven compounds for a race will remain unchanged, however they will be known at each grand prix in much simpler terms, with a colour scheme that will remain unchanged.

"We wanted to eliminate the rainbow as we had too many colours - so we wanted to have just three", Isola told media on Friday in Austin.

Pirelli will still have a range of either five or six compounds, which will be coded in either letter or number form, and from which three will be chosen to be assigned as Soft, Medium and Hard for a respective event.

These names - including super-soft and ultra-soft will now be replaced but it hasn't been decided as to whether numbers or letters will be used instead.

The precise number of compounds available, covering a wide spectrum from soft to hard, will be communicated in December after homologation from the FIA.

Pirelli motorsport director Mario Isola confirmed that the move was created to eliminate confusion for those watching the races as well as to maintain the unpredictability of tyre strategy for teams.

"After some discussion we have made a decision to use, I would say, the most famous three colours in our range".

"But basically we will have a clear identification of each compound".

The Soft will have a red sidewall, the Medium yellow and the Hard white.

"So, you can compare at different circuits".

Next year, there will be just three colours at each race. That system has meant that at some races the soft tyre has actually been the hardest tyre available to teams at some weekends, which F1 felt was unnecessarily confusing for spectators.

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