Imran Khan arrives in Saudi to attend investment conference

Elias Hubbard
Октября 23, 2018

"There is a big pressure on the government to find employment for this population". "Unless we get loans from friendly countries of International Monetary Fund, we actually won't have foreign exchange to either service our debts or to pay for our imports, so unless we get loans or investment from overseas, we'll have real, real problems", he said.

"The remarks made by Pakistan's Prime Minister in his tweet today are deeply regrettable".

"There are vast reserves of mineral wealth in Pakistan", he said. "Pakistan suffered a lot from terrorism post-9/11 but now, thanks to our security forces and intelligence agencies, we have controlled terrorism". "In December, Exxon is coming back to Pakistan".

Referring to incidents of violence in Kashmir, Imran Khan, in a tweet, said that time has come for India to realise that it must move to resolve the Kashmir dispute through dialogue in accordance with the UN Security Council resolutions and the wishes of the Kashmiri people.

He stressed that the PM's visit would be very productive and in the best interest of the country and no one should make an issue out of it as Pakistan desired peaceful ties with all its neighboring countries however, these ties must be based on mutual respect and equality. "The decade after 9/11 has been of great turmoil for us". He said good India-Pakistan relations will be beneficial for the entire region.

"We need stability and that means peace with all neighbours". "Our problems right now are with Afghanistan and India".

This is his second trip to the Kingdom since he came to power in August. "In fact, we got rebuffed". "We wait for whatever the Saudi explanation is", he was quoted as saying.

Khan regretted that Pakistan could not benefit from huge natural resources due to terrorism and corruption.

"In the past five years, China has clamped down on corruption and we have to look for ways to curb it as white collar crime is hard to convict. We want to give incentives to people in energy sector".

"Secondly, we have started a housing project. there too we are involving women, as we have found that women pay back loans more efficiently than men. Women also do not get their inheritance rights as mentioned in the Shariah law so we are also working to financially empower them and ensure that they get their rights", he said.

Furthermore, PM Khan held a telephonic conversation with Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, and invited the Emirati royalty to visit Pakistan.

Before leaving, the prime minister told The Independent that the country is desperate for money.

In a phone call on Monday, the two discussed a number of regional issues just months after former cricketer Imran Khan assumed office as Pakistan's prime minister.

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