Sup Dog customer leaves $10,000 tip after ordering 2 waters

Marco Green
October 22, 2018

- A server at Sup Dogs, a popular hot dog joint in Greenville, got quite the surprise Friday afternoon when a customer walked out and left $10,000 cash sitting on her table.

A customer ordered two waters at a North Carolina restaurant and apparently left happy with the service.

A server at a restaurant in North Carolina was given a $10,000 cash tip by a patron who ordered two waters.

Sup Dogs staff soon discovered that the mysterious Good Samaritan was MrBeast, a YouTube star who has 8,875,075 subscribers.

According to WITN, Mr Beast - whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, took just a few sips of the drink, said 'Thanks for the delicious water, ' then left.

Custer said most of the people who work at Sup Dogs are "broke college kids" so she made a decision to share the tip with her coworkers.

Oliverio allegedly reached out to MrBeast, asking why he left such a gracious tip.

When asked why he did it, MrBeast said he wanted to show that good things still happen to good people, according to Oliverio. "I picked it up and it was a giant stack of hundreds", server Alaina Custer tells the News & Observer.

Several of the 20 year-old vlogger's friends stayed behind to record staff's reaction to his generous tip, although this video has yet to be uploaded to the site.

"This was out of the blue, once in a lifetime", Oliverio said.

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