What is the max Weapon Level for guns in Black Ops 4?

Joanna Estrada
Октября 20, 2018

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 players who enjoy shopping on the Black Market can do so from today on PS4. It also includes immediate access to the Classified Zombies map, in addition to 12 multiplayer maps and four new Zombies maps that will be released over the course of the next year. But, PC and Xbox One players have to wait a week for the Halloween event, meaning they get the green light on October 27.

The returning feature will be available first on PS4, followed by Xbox One next week. It introduces the Contraband stream, which is essentially Black Ops 4's take on Fortnite's Battle Pass and PUBG's Event Pass.

Firstly, the Contraband Stream provides players with a progression path to earn items by playing the game.

"That means a ton of new ways to show off your personal style".

"Operation First Strike delivers the first season of content starting today on PS4". Contraband items will be delivered via seasonal Operations, with each Operation delivering a new batch of content "every couple of months". Along with all the new gear, Blackout characters etc, there will also be limited-time special events. A rotten, evil pumpkin sticker, adorn yourself with ghoul warpaint, and a candy tossing gesture are just a few of the customization options you can expect to see starting this weekend.

More gear will be available as players progress along the Halloween-themed Special Event stream. The blog post promises that this will be the first of many Special Events to be hosted.

Finally, Blackjack's Shop is coming this November, and will let players directly purchase certain pieces of gear.

The weapon level system in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 can be a bit confusing for some as unlike previous games Black Ops 4 doesn't outright tell you the obtainable max level for your weapon. Activision states that the shop will refresh weekly with a variety of items.

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