Tommie Lee Arrested Twice in 24 Hours For Child Cruelty Charges

Elias Hubbard
Октября 19, 2018

The reality star with an extensive rap sheet got arrested twice in 24 hours.

WSB-TV Atlanta obtained an arrested warrant where Tommie was accused a list of things including shoving her child's head into a locker at Griffin Middle School.

Mena was arrested on October 12 on marijuana possession charges after an argument with her boyfriend, Clifford Dixon. According to TMZ, Tommie was first arrested on Tuesday night after she was booked for battery, aggravated assault and child cruelty to her own daughter.

But, a hard head makes a soft a$$ because as soon as she posted $27,000 bond she made contact with her daughter three hours later - violating the court order.

Tommie Lee is now being held without bond. This latest arrest comes a few months after she was taken into custody in July for disorderly conduct after getting drunk at the Royal Peacock Club. That move came after she was arrested for an incident where she punched a store employee at Lenox Mall in Buckhead.

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