Another Video Streaming Product From Facebook That Attaches To A TV

Lawrence Kim
Октября 19, 2018

We may use this information to inform the ads we show you across our platforms.

Facebook's Portal video-calling devices will not have ads on it, but using the new device could potentially affect what ads you see on other Facebook-owned services, the company explained to tech news website Recode on Tuesday, October 16 (October 17, Manila time).

That Facebook device will be a camera-equipped device that connects to televisions to allow video chat and media content viewing, according to Cheddar's Alex Heath. "Other information, like application usage can also be collected for the goal of advertising", responded to the request to Recode the speakers Facebook.

Not to be confused with Facebook's Portal video calling device that was announced last month, Project Ripley is another device centered on video calls that has been leaked. Aside from making video calls, the Portals can display photos and play music and videos.

The speaker has since been criticized for not doing enough to address concerns about Facebook's privacy policies and its use of data for ad targeting purposes. Apart from furthering support for apps, Facebook will also have to assuage privacy concerns before it can hope to convince people to turn their TVs into a big eye.

At the launch of the Facebook Portal last week, the firm raised eyebrows when it claimed that it would not use data collected through the device to target ads.

With projects like both the Portal and Ripley Facebook is also trying to build a consumer-hardware business outside of its virtual reality brand which is of Oculus that was acquired by the social networking giant in the month of March 2014 for almost $2 billion. Even though Facebook might not really collect data for ad targeting, it can not be overlooked that that company just stated that Portal is fully capable of doing it. That's because Facebook integrated Alexa into the Portal.

Undaunted by privacy scandals and the conventional wisdom that trust in the company's ability to handle consumer data has eroded considerably in recent years, Facebook is increasingly hungry to build out a hardware business and produce a line of products you'll actually want to install around your home.

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