PS4 owners: set your messages to private to avoid malicious system crash

Joanna Estrada
October 15, 2018

Lock down messaging on your account, pronto. There are reports buzzing around the internet, Reddit in particular, that PS4 owners are have their consoles soft-bricked via a bug that is sent through the Private Message system.

Even scarier, others are experiencing the glitch simply by receiving the notification for the message.

We've seen single malicious messages able to crash smartphones, but now there's one for Sony's PlayStation 4 console to look out for - users on social media and Reddit are reporting receiving a certain specially coded message that's enough to put their hardware out of action. You can do that by going to Account Management in your console Settings, heading to the Privacy Settings submenu, and changing Messaging settings to "Friends Only" or "No One", meaning that only your pre-selected friends or no one at all can message you. Some users are claiming that deleting said message through the PlayStation mobile app fixes the issue, but others suggest that it doesn't always work.

Taking those steps will prevent anyone from sending you the problematic message. Fortune has reached out to Sony and PlayStation for comment, and will update this story in the event that they respond. Here's how to do it, straight from Sony. Where the PS Messages app/database rebuild option preserves all the data on your console's hard drive, a factory reset wipes everything. We all have had to factory reset. This is especially true if you play competitive games and have bad luck with people who take losses poorly or are just plain trolls.

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