Greenpeace: Coke, PepsiCo, and Nestlé 'worst plastic polluters

James Marshall
October 13, 2018

After analyzing nearly 200 000 pieces of plastic, collected from shores around the world, it turned out that among his most often come across packaging of these companies, - informs edition the Independent.

After analysing the waste and carrying out an auditexternal link, the organisations produced a top ten ranking of multinational firms that they say contribute to plastic pollution across the globe.

Packaging from Coca-Cola alone was found in 40 of the 42 audited countries, and it was the only company to rank in the top three on all six continents.

They then conducted a brand audit of the thousands of litres of trash which included single-use plastic food wrappers, plastic bottles, plastic-lined coffee cups, shopping bags, and other non-branded, plastic lids, bottle caps, straws, stir sticks and more.

"Brand audits create undeniable evidence of how companies like Nestlé, Tim Hortons, PepsiCo., Coca-Cola and McDonald's are trashing our shorelines and green spaces across Canada".

Globally, the top five "worst polluting companies" were identified; the Coca-Cola Company was named as the top polluter, followed by PepsiCo., Nestlé, Danone, and Mondelez International. "[As such], we've set ambitious goals for our business, starting with helping to collect and recycle a bottle or can for every one we sell - regardless of where it comes from - by 2030".

By 2025, Coca-Cola says all its packaging will be recyclable.

Similarly, PepsiCo comments that it wants all its packaging to be recyclable, compostable or biodegradable by 2025, and is also trying to boost recycling rates and reduce packaging.

The companies are all also working to use recycled content in their packaging.

Nestlé, the world's largest food- and drink-maker, said that it recognised the issue and is working hard to eliminate non-recyclable plastics.

"It's clear that cleanups and recycling can not contend with the never-ending flow of single-use plastic waste being produced by corporations", said Sarah King, head of Greenpeace Canada's oceans and plastics division.

Numerous companies named by Greenpeace as top plastic polluters have multiple brands.

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"It is not meant to be a definitive quantification of all the plastic pollution that can be attributed to specific companies, nor is the report a representative sample of all of the waste produced by plastics manufacturers or corporate brands around the world", it said. Bans on plastic in the European Union and China may change that.

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