Takeaways from the UN's Startling Climate Report

James Marshall
October 10, 2018

The report underscores the urgency of this Agreement and its ambitious target.

This week's report from global scientists was stark and urgent.

Statement from IPCC Working Group I Co-Chair Valérie Masson-Delmotte (source: IPCC).

Drought, flooding, extreme heat, increased poverty. "We must reject any false solution like Large Scale Land Based Investments that means kicking small-scale farmers off their land to make way for carbon farming and focus instead on stopping our use of fossil fuels, starting with an end to building new coal power stations worldwide", the director concluded.

SR1.5 mentions glaciers once in each of two early key sections, presenting distinct, important features which they possess.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, who is on a trip to India touting new infrastructure to ship more oil and gas overseas, said he will leave the findings of the IPCC report to the scientists. These systems consist of ecosystems and societies which have narrow spatial ranges which face firm climate constraints, and which have endemic species or other distinctive features which can not be replicated.

Billed in the media as "life changing", the report illustrates how crossing the ever-nearer threshold of 1.5C warming will affect the planet, and how hard it will be to avoid overshooting this target. The world may only have 12 years left to act on climate change before a global catastrophe breaks out.

According to the report, limiting global warming to 1.5ºC compared with 2ºC would reduce the impacts on ecosystems, and human health and well-being, making it easier to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. "Changes in agricultural water availability caused by upstream changes in glacier volume are a typical example". Climate apocalypse isn't too far away.

Pasterze Glacier in Austria, showing significant retreat (source: Bernd Thaller). It discusses the contribution of glacier retreat to sea level rise. That change has contributed to sea level rise, the melting of Arctic sea ice, coral bleaching of ocean reefs and ocean acidification.

Australia, the planet's biggest coal exporter and the fourth biggest producer, won't stop using coal to power the generators that produce its electricity.

The point is whether the human race will find the collective political and moral will to fight climate change. But they are not spread uniformly across the globe, and different parts of the world experience impacts differently.

Her government has also approved new fossil fuel projects, including last week's $40-billion liquefied natural gas plant in British Columbia, which will increase emissions from the energy sector. It indicates that glacier melt will affect water security in alpine regions (section

Both Labor and the Greens attacked the Coalition government, signalling the likelihood that climate change will become a major issue at the next federal poll due by mid-2019. At 2.0°C global warming, Botswana would experience warming of 2.8°C. It also notes disaster risk management as an adaptation option which could be implemented. "Let's commit to the Paris agreement".

"While time is short, there is still a chance of keeping to 1.5° of warming".

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