Google Lens is coming to Image search results

Joanna Estrada
September 25, 2018

Google says Discover won't only be for new content either. The Discover icon, which looks like a rainbow asterisk, will appear next to each topic and will also show up on searches. Google already bundles information on certain topics into its "Knowledge Panel" feature, but the new feature appears to present some of the information typically shown in the knowledge panel feature in image-friendly Stories feature.

Evergreen content will show up more often. For example, if you're planning your next vacation, Discover might show an article about the ten most fun things to do when you arrive at your destination.

Google turns 20 years old this month. "In addition to this new look, you'll also see new types of content in Discover", said Corby. Or do you know all of your scales and advanced techniques and just need to brush up on two-hand tapping.

Google announced today that it is overhauling the way we search for images on Google.

What's particularly interesting is the links to other search engines at the bottom of the search results.

The overhauls of image search functions are rolling out over the next few weeks.

More context will be shown in your Google Images search results, as in the GIF below.

Users will find topics joined by information from news sources (and the like). Collections allows you to keep track of content you've seen so that you can quickly and easily return to it at another time.

Finally, Google is integrating Google Lens right into your mobile image searches.

Google's Discover is a major update to the feed that'll make it feel more modern with more videos and visual content while also giving you way more control over what you see. The idea is that people tend to repeatedly search for a particular topic as opposed to only searching for something once; it's essentially a better-indexed version of the company's search history feature. All in all, this sounds like a pretty great update to Google's feed, which is something many people use every day to stay informed about the world around them. This makes it easy to revisit past searches and the websites you visited along the way.

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