Father, son shoot neighbor dead amid argument over trash

Elias Hubbard
Сентября 23, 2018

Video shows Aaron Howard, 37 being shot by his West Texas neighbors, John Miller and the man's son, Michael Miller, 31 on the morning of September 1. Box said Howard's nieces, nephews and brothers were with them, too.

They've both been arrested and charged with murder.

Her video captured the sound of the pistol fire but not any images of Johnnie Miller shooting.

Box said that's when John Miller came to the alley, pulled the mattress out of the dumpster and tossed it back on Howard's property.

"He [Howard] didn't even swing it, he threw it over both of their heads and it landed behind them in the alley", Box told KTXS.

That's when, Box said, Howard and Miller started shouting at each other. Behind him, Michael Miller has a shotgun in his right hand and is resting it on his shoulder, behind his head.

Someone also went into Howard's home and retrieved a baseball bat, according to investigators.

'Hey, did you hear him say he's going to kill me?' Howard says to Box as she's filming.

According to Howard's fiancee, Kara Box who was present during the confrontation, Aaron and his neighbors began arguing about a mattress which had been left in an alley behind Howard's home in Abilene.

Box starts screaming, "No, no, Aaron!" after her husband is shot in the chest and head. Much of the video is bleeped out due to vulgar language, but threats can be heard from both sides, as John Miller continues to tell Howard to "back off".

Howard is overheard saying, "shoot me" before someone off camera says, "you're dead, point it". The police arrived soon after and the Millers were arrested.

Police believe that at least five shots were fired. Two shots are heard, and then Michael Miller is seen on the video firing more shots. Prior to the shooting on September 1, they had never had any encounter with the Millers.

Kara Box shot the encounter on her cellphone and released the video to the public so they can be aware of how her husband was killed. The couple was together for two years and were engaged to be married.

Box said Howard battled mental illness his entire life, but was getting help for a condition called IED, otherwise known as Intermittent Explosive Disorder, before he was killed.

Taylor County DA Jim Hicks said the video could be key evidence.

"Video evidence like this is always graphic and very hard to watch, but it is consistent with the charges", said district attorney Jim Hicks.

Box stepped between John Miller and her husband to try to defuse the situation.

Footage has been released showing the moments a Texas father and son executing a man following an argument over trash. However, both are out of jail on $25,000 bond, according to KTXS. Box has moved to a different part of Abilene.

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