Yale Law Faculty Members Call For FBI Probe Of Kavanaugh Accusation

Elias Hubbard
September 22, 2018

While attending Yale University, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh joined both a fraternity that was later banned for chanting "no means yes" in front of the campus women's center and a secret society with an crude nickname that appeared to be based upon members hooking up with women as much as possible.

The Senate Judiciary Committee invited Ford and Kavanaugh to testify on Monday before the committee about accusations, but Ford has asked for the FBI to investigate in advance of any hearing.

In a recent Wall Street Journal editorial titled "Kavanaugh Is a Mentor to Women", she noted the number of women he hires as law clerks, and proudly stated that her own daughter recently accepted a clerkship.

Amy Chua a year ago privately told a group of law students it's "not an accident" his clerks often "looked like models", The Guardian reported Thursday.

There's no substantial evidence Kavanaugh hired law clerks due to their physical appearances.

Kavanaugh's reported problematic views on women don't stop there.

The law professor and author of the controversial book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother publicly endorsed Kavanaugh as a "mentor to women" after he was nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court by President Donald Trump.

These latest allegations come one week after allegation against Kavanaugh surfaced by a woman claiming the judge forcibly held her down and groped her in high school. She told the Guardian, "He did not say what the look was and I did not ask".

As a federal judge on the DC circuit court of appeals, clerking for Kavanaugh was a coveted spot, and many went on to clerk for Supreme Court justices, as well.

Jed Rubenfeld, Chua's husband who's also a professor at Yale, reportedly told at least one student Kavanaugh likes clerks with a "certain look".

Rubenfeld and Chua were not known to give similar advice to students seeking jobs with other judges, The Guardian reports.

'I have no reason to believe he was saying, "Send me the pretty ones", but rather that he was reporting back and saying, "I really like so and so, " and the way he described them led them to form certain conclusions, ' the woman said. He has denied accuser Christine Blasey Ford's allegations.

Chua has cancelled all of her Yale courses this year and is reportedly in the hospital with an undisclosed illness.

Meanwhile, Rubenfeld is presently the subject of an investigation at Yale over his conduct toward female students, The Guardian learned.

Yale Law School released an official email statement that said, "This is the first we have heard claims that Professor Chua coached students to look "like models".

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