Bigg Boss 12 Day 4 Highlights | Captian | Salman Khan | Sreesanth | September 20

Lawrence Kim
September 22, 2018

During the task, there will be some fun moments that the viewers will get to enjoy when Anup will sing Baby Doll song while Kriti and Roshmi will dance.

In another segment of tonight's episode, Bigg boss will ask the housemates to unanimously decide on pair and one single contestant for the Kaalkothri punishment. Kriti Verma, Roshmi Banik or Dipika Kakar.

Now it is being reported that Varun Dharan will be the first celebrity guest of Bigg Boss 12, as he will be shooting for Weekend Ka Vaar episode with Salman Khan today. Meanwhile, towards the end of the show, house captain Kriti Verma had an argument with Somi Khan after she delivered some daily use things to the people locked up in the Kaal Kothri. This resulted in making Kriti-Roshmi emerge out as the winners despite Dipika winning the roses in the task.

Kriti Verma gets her first rose for the punctuality.

Anup & Jasleen To Be Sent To The "Khaas Room" For A Romantic Date!

While everyone was busy in task, Sreesanth and Shivashish got into a tussel. The latter alleged that Sreesanth abused him while the former cricketer maintained that he was just playing his character and didn't intend to offend him. The most interesting part of the entire task was Anup Jalota's performance as the "dilfek rajkumar". Dipika Kakar was left pretty upset as she did not take her losing lightly. Dipika gives her roses to Anup Jalota. The day 5 started with Bhajan king Anup Jalota exchanging sweet nothings with his girlfriend on show Jasleen Matharu, much to the entertainment of other contestants.

Sreesanth clarifies that he was abusing himself.

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