Amazon releases plethora of new and updated Echo devices

Joanna Estrada
September 22, 2018

This one's got a bit of fabric around its edges and it's not quite so flat in design as its predecessor.

Amazon has just announced the Echo Auto - a brand new smart speaker - along with refreshed versions of the Echo Show, Echo Plus and Echo Dot. Each Smart Plug goes for an affordable $25, and they'll be available on October 11. Simply click Amazon, then in the upper left-hand corner find "See Echo and Alexa Family".

Such misunderstandings are routine enough with smart speakers that they have become fodder for humor, and even cropped up while Amazon devices and services senior vice president David Limp showed off new devices in a nearby building a short time earlier. It's basically an Echo Dot without a speaker, and relies on a wired or Bluetooth connection with any other speaker to provide audio output. It also has a built-in Zigbee hub for smart device control. This device will be shipped on October 11th, 2018. With no speaker drivers to cover, it lacks the cloth speaker grille found on other Echo devices. This subwoofer will be shipped starting on October 11th, and is for sale now for approximately $130 United States dollars.

Updates to the internet giant's Alexa-infused Echo smart speakers will allow them to tend to microwave cooking and even have "hunches" regarding what users may want or have forgotten.

Lastly, Amazon has launched the Amazon Smart Plug ($24.99) which facilitates the use of voice to switch on items such as lights, fans, coffee makers, and more.

This security camera can be used both indoor as well as outdoor and integrate it with the Ring alarm. If you've bought an echo Dot, it's in your home - but it's increasingly baked into modern cars, too.

Also new is the Alexa Guard, a home security product that can detect breaking glass as well as smoke or carbon dioxide and send an alert to your phone.

Any Alexa-enabled device will support voice calls, and hardware with screens and cameras, such as the Echo Show, will also support video calling. Thanks to Amazon's AI and network infrastructure, Alexa will constantly study and ultimately predict your most intimate preferences at home. This microwave can be found sold by Amazon for approximately $60 United States dollars. But inside is the ability to capture and record live TV from an antenna (sold separately), DVR style, 2 shows at a time. A version with two tuners and 500 GB of storage will set buyers back $230, while a higher-end model with four tuners and 1 TB of room will go for $280.

With this announcement, Amazon reflects Sonos' renewed commitment to outboard amplifiers and streamers but does so at lower price points.

Amazon recently passed the 20,000 mark for smart home devices made by the Seattle-based company or partners.

Limp unveiled a "frustration free setup" platform meant to grow into a framework that any smart device maker can use to make getting gadgets to talk to Alexa as easy as plugging them into outlets. This smart display will be sold by Amazon for approximately $230 Dollars and shipped starting on October 11th, 2018. This plug has an outlet on it.

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