Three new species of fish discovered in extreme depths of Pacific Ocean

James Marshall
Сентября 14, 2018

According to a news release by Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, which took part in the exploration along with 16 other nations, the journey revealed "three new species of the elusive snailfish", caught on camera for the very first time.

The animals were recovered from the Atacama Trench bottoms from a depth of 26,460 feet (8,065 meters). They haven't yet come with a scientific name for the fish, so they simply called them pink, blue and purple Atacama snailfish. This one, named the blue snailfish by its discoverers, lives at the bottom of the Atacama Trench, a great gash in the ocean floor almost 5 miles deep off the coast of Chile and Peru.

The trench is about 3,600 miles long, 40 miles wide, and drops to depths of 26,460 feet.

Out of the blackness of the deep, deep ocean comes a snub-nosed creature.

"These fish are part of the Liparidae family and do not conform to the preconceived stereotypical image of what a deep-sea fish should look like", university officials said in a statement.

A group of snailfish clustered around a dead fish left as bait.

Although predatory, the Atacama snailfish don't have giant, menacing mouths.

With these tools, they were able to find three interesting creatures, which they believe are types of snailfish, about 5 miles deep.

"Their gelatinous construction scheme they're perfectly adapted to residing at extreme tension and if reality be told the toughest structures in their bodies are the bones in their inner ear which offer them steadiness and their enamel". But without the pressures of the deep sea to support them, their fragile, boneless bodies melt when they crest the surface of the sea.

The Mariana snaifish, or 'pseudoliparis swirei, ' discovered in 2017.

The Atacama name comes from the Atacama Trench, a slash in the floor of the ocean that is almost 6,000km long and more than 8,000m deep in some areas.

The researchers used deep-water camera-trap, which was immersed to a depth of 7.5 thousand meters. Atacama Trench is nearly 6000 kilometers long and over 8000 meters deep. Researchers captured remarkable footage that shows the fish in their alien home environment.

The team behind the discovery of the new fish species deep in the ocean is enthusiastic about continuing to study it and will present their findings, followed by video footage and photos, at the Challenger Conference 2018 at Newcastle University, which is being held this week. Delivering on science's ultimate goal of making us fear the abyss, the University of Newcastle also captured rare footage of spider-like creatures, known as Munnopsids, which are roughly the size of an adult hand. The sizes they have are small and the scales at all.

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