Facebook Is Now Using Artificial Intelligence To Censor Hate Speech On Memes

Joanna Estrada
Сентября 14, 2018

Rosetta is already being used by teams at Facebook and Instagram to improve the quality of photo search, improve the accuracy of photos in the News Feed, and to identify hate speech. The AI system is meant to keep an eye out for inappropriate or harmful content on Facebook-owned platforms, as well as streamline photo search and enhance accessibility to visually-impaired via screen readers.

Facebook split up the task of "extracting" text from an image into two separate matters, that of first detecting whether there is text at all in an image, and then to parsing what that word of phrase might be. Facebook, in particular, uses an army of moderators that help it weed out offensive content shared on the platform.

"The rapid growth of videos as a way to share content, the need to support many more languages, and the increasing number of ways in which people share content make text extraction from images and videos an exciting challenge that helps push the frontiers of computer vision research and applications", the company writes. However, Rosetta is very different from all the tools used in the past. In conclusion, the company says it is also working on extending the text recognition system to other languages that don't feature the Latin alphabet data set. The system is capable of processing over a billion images a day.

[Image: courtesy of Facebook] Now, though, Facebook says it has a new arrow in its quiver-a tool known as Rosetta that uses machine learning to better understand text embedded in imagery or videos.

The Rosetta AI is specifically programmed to detect pieces of content in violation of Facebook's hate speech rules. New tools are now being worked on that the company hopes will do an even better job at that task. While text-based posts and videos have done their bit in spreading such content, memes have been a large part of the brigade aiding the spread of such malicious content.

Facebook is doing a lot of improvements in its artificial intelligence sector. It is indeed a great way to block hatred speech and offensive posts on the platform.

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