Logitech Unveils MX VERTICAL Mouse Designed to Reduce Forearm Strain

Joanna Estrada
Августа 21, 2018

For anyone who sits in front of a PC for extended periods of time, ergonomics is an important consideration, not just for comfort but also to avoid lingering issues like carpal tunnel syndrome. Logitech is doing its part. "With MX VERTICAL, you can maximize your productivity in comfort".

Logitech claims that the 57-degree vertical angle used in the design of the mouse has been scientifically tested, and reduces muscular activity by up to 10% compared to a standard mouse.

Logitech is releasing a vertically positioned mouse in their MX series, with an angle of 57 degrees it is created to relieve stress on the wrist of the user.

The MX vertical is compatible with a variety of hand sizes, and its texturized rubber surface should ensure there's no slippage.

The MX Vertical is Logitech's first stab at a vertical rodent.

According to Forrester, 57 percent of computer users experience pain and discomfort while using a computer, while 12 percent experience pain or discomfort on a daily basis.

MX VERTICAL features a 4,000 DPI high-precision sensor and the cursor speed switch allows you to instantly adjust DPI speed and accuracy of your cursor easily. Today, Logitech is taking a huge step forward with the new MX Vertical. The limited button selection likely rules the MX Vertical out for serious gamers, though it does not appear Logitech is targeting that demographic anyway.

As you can see from the image above, this is clearly a right-handed mouse, despite the fact that many of Logitech's recent gaming mice have been ambidextrous ones.

Three forms of connectivity are offered, allowing you to connect using the USB-C charging cable, Logitech's unifying receiver, or over Bluetooth.

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