WhatsApp backups will no longer count towards Google Drive

Joanna Estrada
Августа 20, 2018

Google Drive backups are conveniently built into the app but have always taken up valuable bytes of your storage quota. To avoid the loss of any backups, Google recommends that people manually back up WhatsApp before November 12, 2018. This brought in a sigh of relief to those users who were anxious about lost WhatsApp chats in case they lost their smartphone or if it stopped working, because a backup of all these WhatsApp chats on Google Drive allowed them to restore it again as and when needed.

Google alerted users in an email, saying this change is due to an agreement formed between it and WhatsApp. Eventually, Google Drive will be rebranded as Google One and they will be offering 24/7 support along with more affordable cloud storage options.

Google has partnered with Facebook to exempt WhatsApp backups from Drive storage space calculations. Meaning that any and all WhatsApp backups that find a home in Google Drive won't diminish your total storage space. Thankfully, WhatsApp can be set to automatically back up data to both your local device storage and Drive on a nightly basis.

With that being said, let us also make it clear that this is only applicable to Android users, as the WhatsApp data of iPhone users is backed up on iCloud.

If you haven't backup your WhatsApp to Drive before, you can do so under Menu Settings Chats Chat backup.

My backup now stands at 2.8GB, which is a substantial chunk of the 15GB allowance most people start off with.

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