Netflix Confirms They're Testing a New Video Feature During Binge-Watching

Lawrence Kim
August 20, 2018

Specifically, if you were watching multiple episodes of a certain series in a row, a video advertisement would appear and encompass the screen when an episode ended, encouraging viewers to check out a different Netflix series with "more XYZ Show up next, but first, check out XYZ Show" language.

Netflix is experimenting with ads for its original content in between TV episodes and its sparked panic with users.

In the meantime, for Netflix subscribers who are anxious they will be affected by the test and other experimental features like it, the streaming service does offer a way for users to opt out.

People who commented on the post reported that the same thing happened to them, starting on Saturday afternoon. Another on the same thread said, "I too will not tolerate paying to see ads".

Some maintain that they shouldn't be bombarded with ads if they're paying for a subscription, with the monthly cost ranging from $9.99 to $17.99.

Binge-watchers are up in arms about Netflix's latest idea, which for the first time introduces video adverts between episodes to promote the streaming site's other programmes.

Subscribers on Twitter have dismissed this explanation, saying that it's unfair to receive ads at all if they're paying.

'Netflix wtf? If I wanted to watch ads I'd just watch TV.

Netflix has, however, contacted the online publication to say that these promos are one of "hundreds of tests" it conducts each year to better understand and shape user recommendations, and while many subscribers would undoubtedly like an opt-out option, the ads are - sigh of relief - skippable at any time.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Netflix Australia for comment.

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