Omarosa Slammed For Wearing ‘Inappropriate’ Dress During Trump Bashing Interview

Lawrence Kim
August 14, 2018

Manigault Newman also weighed in on that controversial jacket that Melania Trump wore when visiting the child detention center right in the midst of the blowback the President received for his inhumane policy of separating immigrant children from their parents. Apparently, the incident only brought the Trump's administration's Office of Public Liaison under further scrutiny.

Manigault Newman also alleges that Trump allies tried to buy her silence after she left the White House, offering her $15,000 a month to accept a "senior position" on his 2020 re-election campaign along with a stringent nondisclosure agreement.

Ms Manigault Newman raised concerns that President Trump does "not know what is happening" in the White House, and stated this "should be alarming to any American". At the same time, she seems to believe the White House could plan on making life hard for her.

"Did she purposefully wear a Hillary Clinton-esque white pantsuit to Trump's first State of the Union address?" she writes.

That doublespeak went out the window with the Manigault Newman disclosures. Trump and Conway both chose to use the more legally loaded term of "non-disclosure agreement" when publicly chastising her for sharing scandalous gossip about her White House tenure.

But experts in national security and clearance law said that, while she seriously violated rules - and would likely be barred from ever being granted a security clearance - she probably didn't break any law unless the conversations she recorded were classified.

In a second tape she released on the Today show on Monday, a voice purportedly belonging to President Trump sounds surprised to hear that Kelly had asked Manigault Newman to leave the White House.

In addition, Manigault Newman may have broken a nondisclosure agreement that everyone in the West Wing must sign, Kellyanne Conway said on August 12. I would rarely see her but heard really bad things.

"And the bottom line is that yes, she was complicit, but she was doing all this knowing that there was going to be a payoff in the end for her, and then once she got upset with him or he got upset with her or whatever happened, she decides to turn on him".

"She may not even talk about it in her book, but I talk about it in mine, and she did these things to support her president and to support her friend she said she was loyal to", Ryan continued.

Is recording in the Situation Room a crime?

Look at her MANY recent quotes saying. The former Obama administration aide noted that Trump has "essentially mocked this ideal of a security culture". The airstrikes were ordered to answer a chemical weapons attack in Syria.

Trump's attorney, Rudy Giuliani, told a morning television show Monday Manigault Newman may have broken the law.

Upon her departure in December, she denied in an interview that Trump is racist, saying "I would never sit nor work for someone who I believe to be a racist". Price also questioned why Kelly would have chosen to hold such a meeting in the Situation Room.

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