All New Overwatch Skins Available in the Summer Games 2018

Joanna Estrada
Августа 10, 2018

Summer Games 2018 continues until August 30, so you have until then to unlock Overwatch's summer-themed skins and emotes. This is a 3v3 mode usually available during the Overwatch Summer Games.

When do the Overwatch Summer Games 2018 begin?

Summer 2018 has been a huge year for sports, with the Football World Cup taking the world by storm, but it appears Blizzard has chosen to ignore this with the Summer Games 2018.

The Summer Games 2018 event will run from August 9th through August 30th, so that's plenty of time to try and collect all the new items available.

For many players, however, the biggest attraction of a new event is the new skins that will be on offer.

This year, Blizzard has been teasing new skins every day in the run-up to the Summer Games release date. Confirmed skins so far include Waveracer D.Va, Gridironhardt Reinhardt, Catcher Winston, Cabana Ana, and Lacrosse Roadhog, as seen below.

And below are the Twitter embeds where fans can get a look at what each new skin will look like.

What else is happening in the Overwatch Summer Games 2018?

Luckily, Overwatch fans don't have to wait long to get their hands on these new skins. As expected the games will bring about a bunch of new skins that players will be able to win via the game's loot boxes.

Speaking of loot boxes, anyone who logs into Overwatch during the Summer Games 2018 will be met with a loot box to open, free of charge, as a thank you from Blizzard for the community's continued support. It seems that every hero will be getting a skin of their own, so you'll probably need to play a lot and get lucky if you hope to unlock all of them. Most Legendary skins have cost 3,000 credits, so make sure you save up. But first, watch a teaser for the event.

This special one-off lootbox promises one item, be it a spray, skin or highlight reel from the Summer Games Event.

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