Coroner States That Margot Kidder's Death Was An Intentional Overdose

Lawrence Kim
August 9, 2018

The coroner didn't reveal precisely what drugs she had taken. She believes it is important to be open and honest about suicide and not hide it.

In a statement to the Associated Press, Kidder's daughter Maggie McGuane said the family decided to make her mother's suicide public because "it's important to be open and honest about the suicide so there's no cloud of shame".

Park County Coroner Richard Wood said in a statement that Kidder died May 13 in her Livingston home "as a result of a self-inflicted drug and alcohol overdose".

Regarding her family life, Kidder got married three different times throughout her life and has one daughter, Maggie McGuane. The world mourned the loss of chef, celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain and fashion designer, Kate Spade this past summer as well.

In a recent report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the suicide rate in the United States was steadily rising.

Kidder was born in Canada and spent decades acting in movies and television shows before and after Superman, including Some Kind of Hero, The L Word and Smallville.

Kidder struggled with mental illness much of her life, and it was made worse by a 1990 vehicle accident that left her in debt and led to her using a wheelchair for nearly two years.

Kidder, like Carrie Fisher, was an advocate for ending the social shame surrounding mental health issues.

Kidder struggled with mental illness for a big chunk of her life, with events getting worse following a auto accident in 1990 that left her in debt and led her to using a wheelchair.

The calls include responses by ambulances five times in seven months, including at the time of her death. "I hope someone can come up with new words".

McGuane urged people with mental illness to seek help. In Australia the crisis support service Lifeline is 13 11 14.

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