Soy ‘milk’ makers may need to find alternative description, FDA says

Marco Green
July 22, 2018

As noted by The New York Post, milk is defined as coming from the "milking of one or more healthy cows", according to federal rules, and soy milk and almond milk do not fall under this category. "The answer is probably not".

Standards of identity have been the source industry spats as American diets have evolved, including fights about what gets to be called mayonnaise and yogurt. More recently, there are disagreements over what to call meat grown by culturing cells, a science that's still emerging.

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner Scott Gottlieb has indicated during a Politico conference that the FDA will enforce dairy-alternative brands to relabel their products.

"If you look at our standard of identity, there is a reference somewhere in the standard of identity to a lactating animal", the FDA chief said on July 17.

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Federal regulators are calling for changes to which products can be labeled as "milk".

The National Milk Producers Federation announced that it welcomes the recognition by Gottlieb that labeling practices of several dairy imitators violated existing federal standards.

Plant-based alternative advocates the Good Food Institute, says milk should be permitted to be used for nondairy drinks that have modifiers.

The FDA did not comment on if it would enforce other standards, like those for yogurt.

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