Corning Unveils Next Generation Gorilla Glass 6

Joanna Estrada
Июля 19, 2018

Today, Corning announced the release of Gorilla Glass 6; the latest iteration in their existing Gorilla Glass line of products.

With the new Gorilla Glass 6, Corning says that they are delivering the "toughest cover glass available for consumer mobile devices", and that it is their most durable to date.

Corning's Gorilla glass has been a standard on every major smartphone for quite some time.

According to a recent study from Toluna, people drop their phones an average of seven times a year with more than 50 percent of those drops occurring at a height of one meter or less. Many complain that this could make the handset more fragile but with Corning's new glass solution, this concern could finally be addressed. "Now more than ever, it's critical the cover glass provides outstanding protection", said John Bayne, vice president and general manager, Corning Gorilla Glass. Not only was the glass created to better resist drops, but it was also put through the paces to resist scratches from rough surfaces. The company also takes a dig at competitors using soda lime and aluminosilicate for display glass, saying that these glass compositions would likely fail after the first drop. It also performed better from higher distances than Gorilla Glass 5. "With both its aesthetic and performance advantages, glass is on the right side of the technology curve and will continue to be the material of choice for mobile consumer electronics", said Scott Forester, division vice president, Marketing and Innovation Products, Corning Gorilla Glass".

Corning's Gorilla Glass 6 should arrive on the market in devices within the "next several months".

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