Mobile Introduces $5/Day International Pass With 512MB of LTE Data

Joanna Estrada
July 18, 2018

The additional Simple Global countries will go into effect July 22nd, while the $5 data passes will be available starting August 1st.

Simple Global began with North America, but expanded to Europe and South America back in late 2015. Calls are billed per minute but at lower rates in supported countries. There are, however, some caveats.

"More than one in three families planning vacations this year intend to travel internationally, and Verizon and AT&T want you to pay twice as much every day when you travel overseas - it's ridiculous!" said John Legere, T-Mobile's CEO, in a press release. That means as much 2G data as you can use (not much) and free SMS. Enough to pull down your email and such, but certainly not for streaming music or anything more data intensive.

While you're traveling with the Simple Global plan, which is included with T-Mobile One plans, you get unlimited texting and unlimited 2G data. The pass costs $5 per day (per line), and gets the user up to 512MB of LTE-speed data. Day passes also include unlimited calls and SMS. It will be interesting to see if other carriers try to challenge T-Mobile or match the new pricing.

T-Mobile was the first USA carrier to really push the idea of free global roaming. although the data speeds have always been awful.

T-Mobile is calling it the worldwide data pass, and it will cost just $5.

Worldwide data is seldom cheap when you're roaming, and even if it is there are usually some compromises to be made, such as in speed. At that rate, it was just cheaper to buy a local SIM card for data.

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