Another Tory MP quits from Theresa May's government over Brexit

Elias Hubbard
July 17, 2018

Media in London speculated Monday night that government managers are planning to introduce measures to bring forward the parliamentary summer recess to this Thursday to avert a leadership challenge, at least until the fall.

"But the legacy of Brexit can not be a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland that unpicks the historic Belfast Agreement".

The prime minister was accused of "caving in" to Eurosceptic demands. The BBC's Laura Kuenssberg later reported that Bebb confirmed he had resigned.

However, their anger at the PM's acceptance of Brexiteers' demands on the customs bill could see a counter-rebellion.

Downing Street declined to say if it would accept some of the changes put forward by Jacob Rees-Mogg and other hardline Brexiteer MPs, in a bid to get them to drop one in particular that would have the effect of wrecking May's plan.

The most controversial of the four amendments scraped through parliament by 305 votes to 302, narrowly avoiding a freakish double-humiliation for the government. The move would leave her Tory critics with little time to organise a coup against her.

The amendment which passed 305-302 and was tabled by former Cabinet minister Priti Patel, was originally viewed as a "wrecking amendment", demanding that May drop her plan to collect tariffs on behalf of the European Union unless EU member states agree to do so in reverse.

"And this could lead to a damaging and disorderly Brexit because without this bill passing we would not be able to retain the benefits of more than 40 existing trade arrangements; and neither will we have the means to protect consumers, industries and workers from being undercut by unfairly traded goods in a post-Brexit Britain".

A full-blown three-month contest would produce a new prime minister - and potentially an entirely different approach to Brexit - just weeks before the crunch Brussels summit in October. Whatever the proposal on the table, there will be MPs who vote it down.

A key piece of Brexit legislation has scraped through the Commons, despite another minister resigning over it.

The Prime Minister said threatened Commons revolts by pro- and anti-EU MPs risked undermining any chances of a deal with Brussels.

May said she was sticking with her plans.

"I'm sure Theresa May does not want to split the Conservative Party and therefore she will find that the inevitable effect of the parliamentary arithmetic is that she will need to change it (the Brexit policy) to keep the party united", Rees-Mogg said. "They do not change that Chequers agreement".

A second ERG amendment, preventing the United Kingdom joining in with the EU's Value-Added Tax regime post Brexit, passed xxx and xxx.

A head of steam is growing among anti-Brexit Tories and it could take as few as seven rebels to defeat the government if all opposition parties vote against it too.

North Cornwall MP Scott Mann quit as a ministerial aide to the Treasury, with the former postman saying he would not "deliver a watered-down Brexit". "Chequers is a poison pill the Tories can't afford to swallow".

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