Rain Resumes, Thai Cave Rescue Effort Begins

Elias Hubbard
July 12, 2018

Since Jun 23, they have been stranded inside a large cave complex of Tham Luang in northern Chiang Rai - 12 schoolboys aged 11-16 and their 25-year-old football coach.

"I'm happy for Thais all over the country, for the people of Mae Sai, and actually just everyone in the world because every news channel has presented this story and this is what we have been waiting for", she said. Efforts to rescue them are being hampered by narrow passageways and rising water in the cave system.

Anxious that heavy monsoon rain could soon make the job even more hard, Thai officials said Saturday that they may need to quickly rescue 12 boys and their soccer coach from a partially flooded cave by helping them make risky dives to safety. It was not immediately clear what effect, if any, the storm would have on the operation.

A Thai army commander says the ongoing rescue of 12 boys and their coach could take 2-4 days depending on conditions inside the partially flooded cave.

While the oxygen level had stabilised he warned levels of carbon dioxide in the cave were another factor in considering when to move the group, in addition to impending rains, which could cover much of the muddy ledge on which the group are sheltering.

It was reported that heavy rain was falling at the media centre, around a mile from the cave entrance, which could scupper plans to get the boys out today.

The governor said it would take about 11 hours to totally bring a boy out of the cave.

Water in the cave reached its lowest level on Saturday, but storms are expected in the next couple of days.

A former Thai navy SEAL passed out making the dive Friday and died.

Twelve boys and their football coach trapped in a flooded Thai cave will have to squeeze through an extremely narrow tunnel in pitch blackness - the main "crisis" point that looms near the end of their treacherous escape bid.

"I love you father and mother and Toy". "I miss everyone. Grandpa, Uncle, Mom, Dad and siblings, I love you all".

"To all the parents, all the kids are still fine". And I promise I will take care of the kids as best as I can.

The rescue started at 10 am Thai time and involved 13 worldwide divers and five Thai navy seals, who were described by Governor Narongsak as "an all-star team", reports the Daily Mail.

Saman Kunan had been trying to establish the air line when he passed out and perished.

Tech billionaire Elon Musk says he has been building a "tiny, kid-size submarine" with "feedback from Thailand" in an effort to rescue 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped in a cave. Divers today evacuated six of the 12 boys and their football coach who were trapped at Tham Luang cave in Thailand's Chiang Rai province.

Authorities have highlighted the tiny passageway near T-Junction, or Sam Yak in Thai, as the most risky element of the journey for the "Wild Boars" team that began this morning, but there are many other potential pitfalls.

Many have lauded him after reports he gave his share of food to the kids before they were located and helped them get through nine days in the darkness. "All the thirteen Wild Boars are now out of the cave", the SEALs said, referring to the name of the boys' soccer team.

The group became trapped deep inside the cave after flood waters gushed in.

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