It's Two Out, Two In As 'Love Island' Stages Another Shake Up

Lawrence Kim
July 12, 2018

Jack strongly denied ever intentionally kissing Georgia on the lips, Georgia claimed otherwise and Wes, who was on a date with Megan next to Georgia and Jack at the time of the kiss, backed up Georgia.

However, the second angle shows Georgia and Jack kissing before Wes and Megan even have a chance to lock lips.

Over dinner, Jack and Laura spoke about where they are.

The 26-year-old stationery salesman's omission came when he, Wes Nelson, and Josh Denzel were messing about putting on northern accents to pass the time while chatting about oatcakes and acting out comical scenarios.

However, Jack was unwilling to get their relationship back on track, leaving Laura in floods of tears and regretting her actions.

As the pair lay in bed on tonight's episode, Jack lays all his cards on the table.

Idris Virgo is the newest Love Island contestant entering the villa, making his arrival alongside fellow newbie Kieran Nicholls.

Seemingly keen to ensure Jack wouldn't get in the way of their blossoming flirtation, the new lad quickly brought up the controversial kiss.

Love Island viewers were left shocked when singleton Georgia Steel opted to take Jack Fowler on a date, and they were absolutely distraught when a couple of kisses between the two sent shockwaves throughout the villa.

"I've said to everyone that I do really care about you..." Laura said: "I have been today thinking 'what have I done?' I just don't want to be mugged off". I'm trying to say sorry.

How will Laura feel about this emerging new couple?

Unaware of the fact his romance was on the verge of exploding, Jack told his new pals back in the villa that he was hopeful Laura's date would be a bad one. I just felt like it was happening again so I wanted to take control of the situation...

Taking to Twitter, one fan raged: "Idris, you lying b*****d!"

"But I did notice how confident you were and how affectionate you were to Laura and I thought that was really nice". Because this year I feel like it is a little bit more that people aren't that invested in each other and I think 'Are they going in there for the right reasons?'

"Wow. Low blow from Idris".

But the next day, Laura seemed to have a change of mind.

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