Fortnite Dimension Rifts Are Growing and Destroying the Map

Joanna Estrada
July 12, 2018

The game's next Battle Pass isn't arriving until later this month but it already looks like we're some changes to the map.

This will make sense, as each Season's Battle Pass is themed, and the result of the mysterious new crack in the sky could perfectly tie into whatever the new theme may be.

The rocket looked to reach the sky without incident, however, it soon exploded.

Debris from the rocket is now literring the Battle Royale map, but the big news is the odd rift in the atmosphere.

Players have also been using social media to confirm all the places that they have seen new rifts opening up, or expanding across the map.

While the large rift at the rocket's point of impact in the sky is certainly the most noticeable world change from Saturday's event, smaller rifts also showed up around the Fortnite map following the launch. Of course, no one really knows what this means. Epic Games clearly is working on the same kind of hype train that it was for the entire meteor strike, but to what end?

Data miners believe they have found the Week 10 list of tasks, which will go live later this week.

Fortnite is about to enter the final week of its season 4 and on the brink of season 5 and as usual the week 10 challenges have leaked online on the Fortnite Tracker. Though these are not final and are subject to change, until it goes live.

So it's fair to say that the current list will likely see a few tweaks before Thursday, July 5.

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