Eight iPhone apps all fashion girls need

Joanna Estrada
July 12, 2018

Thank god for small mercies.

So we usually bring these apps to you so that you can get it at huge discount rate!

Since App Annie was only launched in 2010, its analysis can only count usage from July 2010 to December 2017, excluding the first two years of iOS App Store consumption.

In 2011, the App Store started supporting subscription apps, and by 2016, had expanded support to all 25 of its categories, including games, kids and health and fitness. Apple has made billions of dollars from the App Store, but third party developers have as well - the company has literally transformed some devs into millionaires. The profitability driven by the App Store is what excites many analysts as overall revenue growth starts to level off over the next few years. It invited developers to submit their apps in return for a small cut of the sales.

Apple here highlighted how iPad now has over 1.3 million apps designed specifically for the tablet, while there are now over 200,000 educational and reference apps for students. Subscriptions are up 95 percent from previous year, and as of June 2018, developers have earned over $100 billion from the App Store.

In case you've never heard of Inbox by Gmail, the email service was launched a couple of years ago in an attempt to help users manage their inboxes and clutter. Another reason for the App Store's growing success is the strict curation of apps that make it into the store. Alongside, software and hardware updates that gives developers motivation to keep evolving their app with Apple's latest and greatest tools. This rigorous check isn't ideal, but it's still unmatched in the industry.

With smartphone sales losing steam, Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) long-term performance puts increased reliance on its Services division, led by revenue from the App Store.

Though, when it comes to app users and consumers spending on apps, they are more likely to spend money or buy an app or make an in-app purchases via iOS to Google, 66 percent to 34% percent. In fact, it's the opposite and new data from Nintendo's hit mobile game "Super Mario Run" shows why the App Store will continue to be important to AAPL stock - despite the dominance of Android.

More people are also spending money on the iOS App Store.

The App Store store launched on July 10, 2008 and only had 500 apps at the time, but now customers in over 155 countries "are visiting the App Store more often, staying longer and downloading and using more apps than ever before".

There is also a lesson here for app developers, who should protect their apps and their users against repackaging schemes similar to this recent fake Fortnite debacle. Happy birthday, App Store!

The iPhones are now a popular choice amongst companies looking for a suite of devices that come with business management in mind.

Google Play remains No.1 with over 3.8 million apps. These include apps such as Procreate, Lightroom and Microsoft's Office 365. More than 500 doctors have also used the company's suite of wellness tools for clinical studies. Apple says today around 28,000 apps offer subscription options.

The original iPhone was a huge leap forward in the smartphone industry, shaping and combining different aspects into a one single touchscreen device.

Due to Android's mass availability and much lower retail price, there are many more Android users compared to iOS.

The last big App Store redesign was in 2017, with discoverability at the forefront of the revamp.

Developers sometimes view security as yet another obstacle to surmount in the face of the ceaseless demand for more features more quickly. And even still, there are cases of malicious apps making it onto the official app stores too.

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