AT&T Gets Exclusive Deal to Sell Magic Leap's AR/VR Headset

Joanna Estrada
July 12, 2018

Magic Leap One is built for creators who want to change how we experience the world. That's more specific than what the company had previously said, which was before the end of 2018, but still not specific enough as there's no date.

The company's Alan Kimball on a webcast the hardware includes a Parker system-on-chip, consisting of two ARM A57 cores, one dedicated to feeding graphics, while another is for game and app logic.

Right now, Magic Leap has announced a single product, an augmented reality headset with a portable computer pack and controller called Magic Leap One.

That's not all, either. AT&T will also use its network to help power Magic Leap devices when they're on the go, including its budding 5G network.

The Magic Leap demos will expand to more markets through AT&T once the unit ships.

The company has, however, confirmed a partnership with United States communications company AT&T which includes investment capital and an 'exclusive USA consumer relationship.' That relationship, the companies have explained, will see AT&T as the 'exclusive wireless distributor of Magic Leap products for consumers in the U.S., ' though it's not yet clear whether that will preclude the sale of the devices in more general outlets such as consumer electronics and games shops.

"We've joined with AT&T because we believe in a combined vision of expanding high-speed networks, edge computing, and deep integration with creative content", said Rony Abovitz, founder, president and CEO of Magic Leap. There's no word yet on pricing, but if the Magic Leap One Creator Edition is truly coming out in the next couple months we can expect that kind of information to be available shortly.

So, what's inside the Magic Leap? However, it's still hard to see how this translates - or what the field of view is - without actually getting our hands on the device.

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