Man could lose limbs from flesh-eating bacteria

Henrietta Strickland
July 12, 2018

Angel Perez, 60, of Millville, Jersey, was catching crabs last week (left and right) off the Maurice River. The next day, he noticed swelling and scratches on his leg, according to WPIX. The Centers for Disease Control only sees in about 200 such cases nationally each year. Some cases require limb amputations, and 15% to 30% of cases are fatal, according to the agency. Then she says it quickly got worse.

"Take precaution", Perez-Dilan said.

The bacteria that Perez contracted is called Vibrio necrotizing fasciitis.

But this may be an unlikely way to get infected, according to experts. Noah Hetzell, an assistant health officer at the department, told the site that, "We can't really do anything other than advise people to stay out of the water in the areas" where the bacteria is found.

However, some species of Vibrio can cause skin infections if an open wound is exposed to salt water or brackish water, which is a combination of fresh and sea water.

When a number of cases were reported previous year in Alabama, Dr. Karen Landers, assistant state health officer for the Alabama Department of Public Health, told CNN that it's important to be "wound- and water-aware", especially during the summer months.

"They told us that his kidneys shut down and that he would need dialysis immediately", she said.

The National Institutes of Health says that while Vibrio bacteria "is one of the more infrequent causes of necrotizing fasciitis", it has a 26 percent mortality rate because it rapidly spreads and it is hard to diagnose.

Angel Perez contracted flesh-eating bacteria while crabbing in New Jersey waters.

Perez-Dilan warned people that a quick dip in the waters could come with frightening consequences.

Perez has Parkinson's disease, which could put him at greater risk for this type of an infection. "His forearms are black in color; they have blisters, cuts and sores", his daughter Dilena Perez-Dilan told the news outlet.

"We've all been praying and I think our spirituality, our religion has been allowing us to get through without going into a chaotic mess", Perez's daughter said.

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