Donald Trump could meet Boris Johnson, says United States ambassador

Elias Hubbard
July 11, 2018

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday declined to offer any support to British Prime Minister Theresa May, while acknowledging that the United Kingdom was in "turmoil" after two senior ministers quit over Brexit plans. Both fiercely criticized her negotiating stance.

David Cameron promised to hold a referendum on the U.K.'s future membership of the European Union should he be re-elected in 2015.

Will Theresa May's name be added to this distinguished list?

Seven members of Theresa May's government have resigned since November 2017 - an average of one every six weeks, and approximately one-third of her cabinet.

The departures, hailed by eurosceptic MPs in the ruling Conservative party, triggered speculation that May could face an imminent leadership contest.

Their departure followed that of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Brexit Secretary David Davis and Davis' number two, Brexit Minister Steve Baker.

The carefully choreographed meeting last week resulted in a deal May believed her cabinet had signed up to, which would create a "UK-EU free trade area" for goods, governed by a "common rule book".

Two Brexit disruptors, two very different resignations.

If Davis's resignation rattled May, Johnson's shook the foundations of her government.

May, having finally signalled her vision for Brexit, spent two hours in parliament defiantly defending the plans and called for Brussels to engage fully or risk the damaging prospect of Britain leaving the bloc with no deal in place. Theresa May's song, unfortunately, stuck in his throat. But within 48 hours Davis had quit, saying she had already given too much away to the European Union, and Johnson followed.

Is this the end to the cabinet resignations?

The danger of a leadership challenge is it may be a stepping stone to a general election, which mat even, remove the Tories from power allowing the labor government to take over.

He was enthusiastic about Johnson, calling him "a friend of mine". Others have voiced their support for May's premiership and against a future Labour prime minister.

Bradley is a Remain supporting MP who presides over a prominent Leave constituency, while Caulfield supports Leave but sits in a Remain seat. Some Conservative Brexit supporters are still incensed over what they see as her breach of a promise to break cleanly from the EU.

I was elected a year ago on the back of a campaign that focused on your leadership, and on delivering Brexit.

How will this impact Trump's visit?

When asked directly if Trump would meet Johnson, U.S. Ambassador in London Woody Johnson told BBC Radio: "I'm not sure".

On Monday evening, Johnson was replaced as foreign secretary by Jeremy Hunt, who in turn was replaced as health secretary by Matt Hancock, as the prime minister embarked on a reshuffle to shore up her position.

The former Tory leader said it was all very well to be a "romantic" and insist on cutting ties entirely, but it was 'of no practical use to the country'.

"I wouldn't personalise it, but what struck me when I met him he kept telling us it'll be alright, when I referenced the revenue report and how catastrophic a hard Brexit would be, he simply said that we must make sure that never happens, but gave no details".

"The Government have no doubt that this support will continue", it said.

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