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Elias Hubbard
July 10, 2018

The 12 boys, ranging in age between 11 and 16, and their 25-year-old coach, entered the cave on June 23 after soccer practice and were subsequently trapped by rising flood waters.

The first boy made it out at 5.31pm (11.31am United Kingdom time), and at 7.47pm (1.47pm) the Thai navy SEALS announced: 'Fourth Wild Boar out of the cave!' The youngsters were assessed by medics at the cave entrance before being taken to hospital.

It was 10am (4am United Kingdom time) when officials chose to begin what one expert said was "beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most complex rescue ever attempted in the caving world".

Ambulances at the hospital are on standby to receive the next batch of boys who are expected to be plucked from the cave.

Elon Musk has continued working on alternative strategies to rescue the remaining Thai boys stranded in Northern Thailand.

Billionaire tech developer Elon Musk had also offered to provide assistance, in the form of a "kid-size submarine", which could arrive in Thailand early Monday, local time.

Bishop said some Australian divers formed part of a "daisy chain" of rescuers which guided the first four boys to safety.

"The fact that it took so many hours underscores how precarious this whole mission is", she said.

More than 100 exploratory holes were also bored - some shallow, but the longest 400 metres deep - into the mountainside in an attempt to open a second evacuation route and avoid forcing the boys into the risky dive.

The eighth member of a Thai soccer team has been pulled from a flooded cave on the second day of a huge rescue operation watched around the world. Eight boys and their soccer coach remain in the cave.

"The heaviest rain has yet to come", said CNN meteorologist Allison Chinchar. The junta chief is due to visit the site later today.

A helicopter flew some of the boys to the nearby city of Chiang Rai, where they were taken by ambulance to hospital. At times, the boys had to be hooked up with full-face oxygen masks as they swam through water filling the narrow, pitch-black cave channels. "From what I've seen in the clip, they did look skinny", he said. "Just the words "thank you" is not enough to explain all the feelings we have for them".

"The next step is to make sure those kids and their families are safe because living in a cave has a different environment which might contains animals that could transmit any disease", a hospital statement said.

He said all the boys were in good condition. Visitors would need to wear sanitized clothes and stay two meters away from the children.

A team of 13 worldwide cave diving experts and five Thai divers entered the precarious cave system at 10am local time on Sunday, after attempts to drill through to them were abandoned. Previously, the entire round trip through the cave network was thought to take about 11 hours.

The rescue got off to a good start, with the first boy coming out at 5.40pm local time (11.40am United Kingdom time). Two others were brought out about two hours later.

They said the four boys already rescued are hungry but in good health in a hospital.

Dozens of crew are needed to support these rescue efforts doctors have been concerned about the health of the boys.

Let's hope the rest of the ambitious operation goes as successfully as its first stage.

Monday, July 2: The 12 boys and their coach are found alive late Monday evening about 400 metres beyond Pattaya Beach by the British cave diving team.

It's a total of four kilometers from the entrance to where the boys are trapped.

Students and teachers at the Mae Sai Prasitsart School, where several of the missing boys attend, excitedly waited for news of their classmates.

There was scattered rain in the area of the cave on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.

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