The Walking Dead Season 9 Poster Will Leave You With Many Questions

Lawrence Kim
July 6, 2018

In his steed, Daryl Dixon will take over as the show's leading man, and in anticipation of The Walking Dead's return to Hall H, Fox's worldwide account has seemingly unveiled the official promo image for the next run. The image was released by AMC in conjunction with details about the cast's appearance at San Diego Comic-Con on July 20.

First spotted by, the now-deleted Instagram included a dark and moody poster for The Walking Dead season 9, on which you'll see that aforementioned trio looking to the distance. But maybe the birds are leaving because of the HELICOPTER in the sky. Convention attendees will have an opportunity to play the game in a unique Walking Dead-themed setting, fighting walkers with Rick, Daryl, Michonne and other characters from the series.

However, seemingly in response to that, The Walking Dead's Twitter account (admittedly that of the comic, not the show, but the timing adds up and they do comment on the TV series too) has put out what comes across as a denial, tweeting: "Don't believe everything you hear". However, most fans assume the tweet has something to do with the AMC drama in general, and the imminent departure of star Andrew Lincoln in specific. His beard is trimmed and he looks more like season 1 Rick (albeit with more grey in his beard) than the Rick of seasons 7 and 8. She's also not pregnant.

As fans anxiously await Rick Grimes' fate when Season 9 of The Walking Dead returns this fall, it's worth revisiting what longtime leading man, Andrew Lincoln, imagined his character's final moments should be if that day ever arrived. New showrunner Angela Kang has confirmed that Season 9 will include a time jump, and while Rick is clearly not as old as he was in Carl's (Chandler Riggs) fantasy flash-forwards, the haircut means he's getting there.

The Walking Dead cast will appear at SDCC on Friday, July 20.

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