Dead Island 2 Confirmed as Still in Development

Joanna Estrada
July 6, 2018

It's been quite some time since we heard anything about Dead Island 2 leading many to think that perhaps the game was no longer in production.

It's now nearly seven years since Dead Rising became a surprise hit and yet still publisher Deep Silver hasn't managed to create a follow-up.

You can download Dead Island: Survivors on Android HERE and iPhone HERE.

Of all the conspicuous absences from the list of E3 2018 games seen at this year's expo, Dead Island 2 was the least surprising no-show.

When asked about the sequel that was officially announced back in 2014, the game's official Twitter account replied by stating that the game is still in development, and more about the game will be revealed when publisher Deep Silver and developer Sumo Digital are ready to do so. After a Twitter user responded to the trailer asking, "What about Dead Island 2?", the account was quick to respond saying that it's still in development and more will be shared at a later stage.

But a year later Yager were kicked off the project for "creative differences" and the company nearly went bust. In 2016, British development studio Sumo Digital announced to have taken over the game's development.

But they've never done any press for the game and it's been unclear what their approach will be or if they're even still working on it. Now, the companies have stepped forward once again to assuage any concern of the title not being in the works, as the publisher and developer have reiterated once more that the sequel is not cancelled. All other bets are off though, including whether the game is aimed at this generation of consoles or the next...

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