Escape route fails suspect who crashes through store ceiling

Elias Hubbard
June 30, 2018

He and the 29-year-old woman were ultimately arrested - but what occurred in between proved memorable.

According to CTV News, Brittany Burke and Richard Pariseau tried to make a purchase with stolen credit cards inside the Spruce Grove Reddi Mart this past week.

She eventually climbed into a ventilation shaft and wound up crawling on the store's ceiling tiles.

So what were they trying to buy?

Owners say they called police because the two seemed suspicious.

Pariseau resisted arrest and was tasered by the officer, but still got up to try to escape, while Burke attempted to hide.

That's when Chauhan's husband stepped in to help. As more officers arrived, the woman crashed through the ceiling onto a row of metal shelving in the store. Because suddenly, you don't know. "Thank god everybody is OK".

She surrendered shortly after the fall and both were taken into custody.

Pariseau is facing 11 charges, including resisting arrest and using a stolen credit card.

Burke - charged with three counts - including obstructing an officer, and mischief under five-thousand dollars.

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