Why bringing your dog to work can be great for (almost) everyone

Marco Green
June 24, 2018

(Bark Ruffalo is very high maintenance, in case you couldn't tell.) He is happiest on the weekends because no school/work means that my family members and I can devote hours to sitting with Barky in the sun and telling him that he is a good boy.

The national Bring Your Dog to Work Day aims to reap the rewards of several scientifically proven benefits of taking part. Pup finally gets to see where you go all day when you leave him or her behind.

Make sure the office is a safe space for your pooch with no exposed wires for them to chew on. You should also dog-proof the workspace where your pet will be spending its time.

The pet-friendly holiday occurs every year on the Friday after Father's Day, and continues to grow as more companies become involved in the cause, reports Independent UK.

If you have been seeing wagging tails and hearing barks in your office today, you are not imagining things but the dog days are over.

The day was established in 1999 by Pet Sitters International to "promote dog adoptions and support local pet communities".

Many of us will have the opportunity to celebrate with our furry friends.

WORKPLACES around the city are being transformed into a pet-friendly paradise today as employees make the most of having their best mate stowed under the desk. But there are considerations before creating an open-door dog policy.

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