Algeria goes offline to stop students cheating

Joanna Estrada
June 24, 2018

Algeria is resorting to a drastic measure in an effort to rein in rampant cheating on national exams: it is shutting off internet access across the country during certain times this week.

There will be no service for an hour after the start of the exams for paper across the country.

The pre-planned blackouts are due to continue for the whole period of exams, until Monday, to combat cheating among more than 700,000 students. Education Minister, Nouria Benghabrit said that during 20-25 June Facebook will remain closed throughout the country. Benghabrit added that, while the measure was not optimal, "We should not passively stand in front of such a possible leak".

As well as the Internet blackout, all electronic devices with Internet access for both students and school staff have been banned from all exam halls.

The decision to disconnect the Internet was made after 2016 exam questions appeared on the network during the exams and even before, writes the BBC.

The move follows widespread cheating in 2016, with questions leaked online before and during tests.

The minister also said that they have installed surveillance cameras and mobile jammers in exam printing presses to prevent leaking. While it will certainly make it more hard, kids are creative, and have gone to elaborate and impressive measures to cheat the system.

Cheating in exams is may be the only common phenomenon all over the world irrespective of the levels of development. That strategy seems laughable now.

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