Get your wallet ready, the Steam Summer Sale starts today

Joanna Estrada
June 22, 2018

It's easy to overspend during the Steam sales, so be sure to check out our Steam Summer Sale guide to make sure you're getting the best deals possible.

Just as the rumors foretold, the Steam Summer Sale has launched at last.

The Twitter account also shared an image of the "mysterious cards" that are available on the website, which they believed also indicated the sale was due to start any time. Players who participate will be entered into a draw to win games that they chose while playing.

Since you may not want to wade through all the offers, I'd like to present to you a list of 7 games that you may want to check out. That means that games you added through Humble Bundle and other services are not calculated into the total figure.

If you've ever wondered how much you've spent on Steam over the years, and you're willing to really know the answer to that question, there's a new tool out there that will force you to look deep into the void in your wallet. Valve is selling it for just $2.50 on Steam today.

The sale is set to run through July 5, and there are already a number of major and minor games on sale. At the moment, however, Steam seems to be struggling under heavy load (which has become a common feature on day one of these sales), so you might want to wait a little while before diving in.

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