Canada to legalize cannabis October 17, Trudeau says

Henrietta Strickland
June 22, 2018

While medical marijuana has been legal in Canada for nearly 20 years, the bill would remove a 95-year-old ban on recreational use of the substance.

It builds in a requirement for fundraisers to be advertised publicly in advance if they cost $200 or more per ticket and feature the prime minister, cabinet ministers, party leaders, or party leadership candidates.

JZSYesterday the Canadian Senate approved a marijuana legalization bill that had already passed the House of Commons, which means Canada is about to become the second country and the 12th jurisdiction to officially allow recreational use of the plant.

"Producers need time to be able to actually prepare for a regimented and successful implementation of the regime ..."

"And over the following months, and indeed years, we will nearly completely replace the organised crime market on that", he said.

Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould called the legislation - which still requires royal assent to become law - "transformative" and predicted it would protect young people and keep organized crime out of the pot market.

The provinces will organise the legal sale of cannabis in licensed stores, sometimes in government-controlled liquor stores, according to the new law.

Going forward, Trudeau said that he would continue to press the case that trade actions against Canada hurt the well - and deal with shots from the president's Twitter account as they arrive. Uruguay previously legalized marijuana in 2013.

Others have criticised the government for continuing to enforce prohibition until the law comes into force and have asked to grant amnesty to those convicted of minor drug infractions between now and 17 October.

Although Colorado doesn't allow cannabis delivery (a bill that would've okayed it died in the state Senate earlier this year), California allows medical marijuana patients to order dispensary products using Global Positioning System technology, and New York, Florida, Massachusetts and OR also allow some form of delivery.

Quebec, Manitoba, and Nunavut all want to forbid their citizens from growing recreational marijuana at home, even after cannabis is legalized federally.

Most importing or exporting of marijuana remains illegal. California, home to one in eight Americans, launched the United States' biggest legal marijuana marketplace on Jan 1.

The news was greeted with enthusiasm by marijuana advocates in the U.S.

"The most important takeaway is that it's time for advocates in the industry to double down, so as to not be surpassed by the Canadian cannabis industry", he said.

Many of his customers are Canadian tourists who are terrified of trying to bring pot across the border, he said.

In 2001, Canada authorised the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes.

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