Legalized Weed Just Months Away After Bill C-45 Officially Passes

Elias Hubbard
Июня 20, 2018

A federal bill to legalize recreational cannabis was bounced back to the Senate on Monday, where the government's representative argued it's time to get on with lifting Canada's nearly century-old prohibition on marijuana.

Canadian MPs have passed a bill to legalize cannabis for recreational use by 205 votes to 82.

"Canadians are allowed to make beer at home, or wine", Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor said on Friday. Among the other Senate amendments rejected by the government was one that would have prohibited any marijuana-branded swag, such as T-shirts and ball caps.

The government rejected 12 other amendments approved by the Senate. "A courageous move on the part of the government", he said, according to CBC.

Debate on Bill C-45 in the Senate continues.

"That does not in any way suggest that it's now party time".

Conservative Sen. Claude Carignan attempted Tuesday to have the amendment reinstated in the bill - which would have meant the bill would have to be bounced back to the House of Commons and could have set the stage for a protracted parliamentary battle between the two houses of Parliament. So, he said, the dispute over home cultivation between the two houses of Parliament essentially comes down to "a single plant".

By contrast, Dean said many independent senators were initially opposed to or uncertain about legalization but changed their minds after hearing from more than 200 expert witnesses who testified before five different Senate committees that examined the bill minutely.

Trudeau countered those concerns with arguments that a regulated market will strip profits from criminal gangs and reduce youth consumption, and it's rare in Canadian politics for the appointed Senate to outright block laws sent from an elected government.

The bill lifts a 95-year-old ban on recreational marijuana, though regulated medical marijuana has been legal in the country for almost two decades.

In Britain a major debate has sprung up about medical marijuana over the confiscation of medicinal cannabis oil, banned in the United Kingdom, to treat a 12-year-old boy with severe epilepsy. That forced the government to make a written commitment to more consultation and increased funding to help communities deal with the potential negative fallout from legalization and cash in on the potential economic windfall.

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