Study Finds Millennials Are the Worst Tippers, Because of Course They Are

Marco Green
June 19, 2018

Hot tip for millennials: Tip your waitstaff.

Folks over the age of 38 tend to be more generous, with just over half of them, or 51%, choosing to leave a 20% tip, while just over one-third of millennials, or 36%, said the usually go with a 20% tip.

The study surveyed 1,000 people, and revealed 10% of Americans ages 18 to 37 routinely leave no tip, and almost one in three leaves less than 15% when dining out.

And those millennials who do tip at restaurants tend to leave a median gratuity of 15 per cent, less than the overall average.

Ten per cent of millennials don't tip at all when dining out, compared with only 3 per cent among the older generations, according to a study released Monday by, an online credit card marketplace.

"Tipping at sit-down restaurants has always been the standard in the US, but that's not necessarily the case in other countries", senior analyst Matt Shulz said. "It's across the board", Schulz said. 'Older people really prefer tipping'. "If somebody ends up cursing you out or spilling soup all over you, it's one thing if you don't tip", he said. Some other countries have moved in this direction, and millennials may think it seems easier than figuring out how much to give, said.

Tipping, a practice treated as standard in the USA but not so much in other countries, is increasingly being questioned, given research that shows a server's age and appearance has much to do with how much one earns in tips. Parents with young children, lower wage earners, and the less educated tip less than the overall median of 18%. While there's no obligation to tip on takeout, the Institute says, you should offer 10 percent for a large, complicated order or for extra service like curb delivery. In contrast, only 3% of the older generations don't tip. Bartenders should get a 15 to 20 percent tip on your tab, or one to two dollars per drink.

About 27% of the surveyed young adults noted that they would prefer a system - similar to what is practiced in other countries - where the service charge is included in restaurant prices, instead of leaving a tip on top of the food price. While 22 percent of those givers said the donation was solicited through their company, the other 78 percent gave on their own.

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